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The Rise of 4PL Networks

Osa Commerce offers cutting-edge solutions that allow third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to build their own network of 4PLs and own the delivery game. 

Gain access all the tools you need to run your 3PL like a boss, including global order visibility, smart order routing, comprehensive billing, and the ability to manage supply chain operations with confidence.

Warehouse utilizing 4PL supply chain technology

Don't settle for the same old logistics game.

Upgrade your supply chain visibility with a complete management and logistics solution and join the 4PL revolution with Osa Commerce. Now is the time to maximize growth with a firm grip on operations.

Join the 4PL Revolution

The Brand Story is the Product Journey

Fast and reliable delivery is a top priority for consumers, leading brands to adopt broader geographic fulfillment strategies. 

Osa Fulfillment Management Hub provides technology to effectively manage network fulfillment, expand geographic reach, enhance service offerings, and improve services. Access real-time inventory, order, and transaction data from all network warehouses and eliminate the need for intermediaries to give you complete control over partner and customer relationships.

Create streamlined and efficient fulfillment processes to give 3PL warehouse connected to your network the tools to stay ahead of the game in an ever-evolving industry.

Unleash Your Potential with the Right Support

Take logistics operations to the next level with  4PL optimization services. Our team of experts are here to support your business as you transform your 3PL warehouse into a highly efficient network by utilizing data analytics to identify the ideal geographic partners to best serve customers.

Start today to streamline order routing, minimize costs, and reduce delivery times.

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Establish a Dynamic 4PL Network

Unlock the full potential of your 3PL network with the Osa Fulfillment Management Network Hub. Built  on blockchain technology and powered by AI, Osa Commerce brings the future of 3PL operations to your fingertips.

The cloud-based Osa Collaborative Visibility Platform offers comprehensive inventory and order management, 400+ preset integrations, advanced reporting, and billing designed for 3PLs. Streamline your network with best practices, all while utilizing the cutting-edge benefits of blockchain and AI.

Benefits for 4PLs


What is a 4PL?

A 4PL stands for fourth-party logistics.  It is a fulfillment operational model that utilizes 3PLs who outsource supply chain management services across a network of providers. In many cases, it allows 3PLs to manage the inventory of their customers across multiple 3PL partner warehouses to create a distribution network. 

Are you a recently established 3PL?

Jumpstart your growth with Osa Fulfillment Mangement Hub and boost your recognition in the industry by partnering with well-known 3PLs and create a network of across the nation.

Aren’t other 3PLs our competitors?

It’s the new age of supply chain management, which means that we need to disrupt the traditional disconnection among 3PLs. Together, 3PLs can help each other’s businesses, filling in each other’s gaps when necessary, while creating a more efficient, seamless supply chain for your product journey.

What if my partners don’t want to switch operating systems?

No problem! The Osa Unified Commerce Platform is tech-agnostic.  If your partners have their own supply chain management system, the Osa Fulfillment Management Hub can connect to any backend technology. If your partners decide to use our technology, we can implement it at any point in the relationship. 

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