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June 16, 2023

How Ranon Logistics Network Streamlined Operations with Osa Commerce

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient supply chain management is crucial for companies seeking to maintain a competitive edge. Ranon Logistics Network, a third-party logistics provider, recognized the need to overcome challenges in their supply chain operations. They faced issues such as inefficient manual processes, limited visibility into inventory levels, and difficulties in managing clients effectively. To address these challenges, Ranon partnered with Osa Commerce resulting in significant changes regarding operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and social impact.

Ranon Logistics Network's Story

Ranon Logistics Network is a full-suite third-party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) service provider with a chain of modern warehouses across the United States. They simplify businesses and reduce logistics costs by offering comprehensive warehousing, fulfillment, and supply chain solutions. With a PaaS (Platform as a Service) approach to logistics, Ranon maximizes the benefits of outsourcing, providing innovation, responsiveness, and transparency to their clients. Their vision is to be the preferred end-to-end provider of smart technology-driven logistics solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, utilizing software, hardware, and operational expertise to address modern supply chain challenges. Ranon Logistics Network's commitment to safety, teamwork, innovation, trust, commitment, and happiness shapes their business approach, ensuring they deliver tailored solutions and customer satisfaction.




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Ranon's Vision

To be the preferred end-to-end provider of smart technology-driven logistics solutions utilizing software, hardware, and operational expertise to address modern supply chain challenges.




Ranon's story revolves around their dedication to simplifying complexity and collaborating for success. They deliver comprehensive logistics solutions and prioritize customer needs, constantly adapting to industry changes. With twenty years of experience in logistics and supply chain management, Ranon aims to provide unbeatable supply chain success by leveraging their deep knowledge of operations management, technology, and finance.

Challenges Faced

However, Ranon faced some initial challenges in meeting their business goals. They encountered several obstacles in their supply chain management, and were unable to completely meet the needs of their customers. Chief Operation Officer, Jose Montoya noted that, “we were struggling with inefficient manual processes, lack of visibility into inventory levels, and difficulty in managing our clients effectively. ” 

“We needed a solution that could streamline our operations, improve inventory management, and enhance collaboration with our vendors and clients.”
Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya

COO, Ranon Logistics Network

The analog processes Ranon were using were inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to errors. This hindered their ability to respond promptly to customer demands. Moreover, a lack of visibility into inventory levels resulted in stockouts and excess carrying costs, impacting both profitability and customer satisfaction. Additionally, executives at Ranon Logistics found that effectively managing multiple clients and their performance metrics posed a significant challenge.

Making a Change

Ranon knew they had to implement a comprehensive supply chain management solution to address these issues. Ranon's executive management team, led by CEO Wale Temowo and COO Jose Montoya, collectively made the decision to invest in new technology. The team recognized the importance of embracing advanced supply chain management software to effectively address their challenges.

The Ranon team knew they needed a technology platform that offered a range of features, including real-time inventory tracking, automated order processing, and supplier performance analytics. They were seeking robust and scalable software—that aligned with their goals of improving efficiency and productivity within their supply chain operations.

Through collaborative discussions and evaluations, they identified the Osa Collaborative Visibility Platform as the most suitable solution provider based on the platform's capabilities and alignment with Ranon's goals. 

Osa Unified Commerce Collaborative Platform CEO Dashboard


60% Reduction in Order Processing Time

The implementation of Osa's technology yielded significant results for Ranon Logistics Network. The company achieved a remarkable 60% reduction in order processing time, leading to faster delivery and improved customer satisfaction. Utilizing real-time inventory tracking capabilities enabled Ranon to optimize inventory levels, resulting in a 40% reduction in carrying costs and a 20% decrease in stockouts. This enhanced their financial performance and increased operational efficiency.

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The investment in new technology led Ranon's executive team to also recognize need to enhance their commitment to social impact and diversity and inclusion. As they grew, they wanted to ensure that they continued to boost their sustainability efforts, ensuring compliance with social and environmental standards.

With Osa’s technology, Ranon gained the ability to track and verify the sustainability credentials of their suppliers. This supported their efforts to promote ethical sourcing practices and contribute to a more sustainable supply chain.  Montoya remarked that,  “OSA's focus on sustainability and supplier diversity aligns with the growing expectations of customers and stakeholders, setting them apart as a socially responsible solution “

Moreover, Osa's supplier diversity module enabled Ranon to increase their engagement with minority-owned and women-owned businesses, fostering diversity and inclusion within their supply chain ecosystem. By embracing supplier diversity, Ranon demonstrated their commitment to supporting underrepresented companies and contributing to a more inclusive economy.

Competitive Advantage with A Platform that Pays for Itself 

Switching to comprehensive technology substantially benefited Ranon in various aspects of their business. Firstly, streamlined operations and improved efficiency resulted in significant cost savings. By reducing order processing time and optimizing inventory levels, Ranon achieved improved financial performance through reduced operational costs. Moreover, faster order processing and improved delivery reliability increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ranon's ability to meet customer demands promptly and consistently enhanced their reputation and strengthened their market position. The visibility provided by the new platform allowed Ranon to better manage their clients' performance metrics, leading to a 25% improvement in overall client satisfaction. By promptly addressing issues and collaborating more effectively, Ranon strengthened their client relationships and improved overall supply chain performance.


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25% Increase

Greater visibility allowed Ranon to better manage their clients' performance metrics, leading to a 25% improvement in overall client satisfaction.

In terms of market competitiveness, Ranon gained a significant advantage through their partnership. By offering shorter lead times and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, they attracted customers who aligned with these values. Ranon was able to differentiate themselves from competitors and position themselves as a socially responsible and sustainable company.

Cracking the Code for 3PLs

As Montoya said, “Osa stands out among other supply chain tech providers due to its holistic approach to supply chain management.”

With enhanced end-to-end visibility, enabling seamless collaboration with suppliers from procurement to delivery. The advanced analytics capabilities provided valuable insights into supplier performance and inventory optimization, allowing Ranon to make data-driven decisions and achieve continuous improvements. Using Osa’s function to track and verify supplier sustainability credentials and promote supplier diversity, Ranon was able to create a more socially and environmentally responsible supply chain.

Based on their experience, Ranon highly recommends Osa to other businesses seeking to prioritize a positive environment, boost social impact, and create economic growth. Montoya noted that, “Osa's ability to streamline operations, enhance supplier collaboration, and improve overall supply chain efficiency sets them apart.” The platform's sustainability features support companies in achieving their environmental goals, while the supplier diversity module promotes diversity and inclusion.

“Osa's technology is scalable, and adaptable, and has proven to deliver tangible results, making it a valuable partner for businesses aiming to create a positive impact.”
Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya

COO, Ranon Logistics Network

Ranon's prioritization of implementing cutting-edge supply chain technology improved operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and social impact. By leveraging new, AI-backed, data-driving software, Ranon optimized their supply chain processes, reduced costs, and demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and supplier diversity. Ranon’s utilization of Osa's innovative features positions them as a preferred choice for companies seeking a third party or fourth party logistics provider.

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