Optimized Shipping Strategies for 3PLs

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January 27, 2023

Navigating the logistics of e-commerce order fulfillment can be complex. Companies need to integrate the right strategy for inventory and shipping management. As demand for fast, accurate shipping services grows, your business needs the right approach to maximize customer satisfaction.

You can leverage some integral best practices to help you meet demand and optimize your operations to implement successful shipping strategies for 3PLs.


Keep reading to explore some helpful ideas to implement in your business.

Offer Two-Day Shipping

Today, clients want products they order online to ship quickly and arrive at their door as soon as possible. One excellent way to maintain a competitive edge is to provide two-day shipping. It’s a widely popular option that will attract customers and encourage them to order from you again. 

When you streamline your current processes to meet two-day shipping standards, you make it more convenient for clients to make purchases. As a result, you can improve retention and decrease cart abandonment. With options like distributed warehousing, ground shipping, or membership plans, you can support your goal of delivering shipments to buyers within two days.

Use Predictive Analytics to Determine Stock

Having the proper data is another key to planning for optimized shipping. You need to stay ahead of demand with sufficient stock to ship. With data on consumer buying trends and predictive analytics, you can forecast upcoming changes and proactively stock inventory. 

Getting the right information can equip you to stay ahead of the curve and ensure you have what customers want for rapid shipping. Regularly evaluate these analytics, watch the trends, and strategically supply your operations to fit clients’ needs. When you plan ahead, you’ll be able to save time and resources in the shipping stage of fulfillment.

Get Discounted Shipping Rates

Implementing streamlined shipping processes might seem daunting, but you can make it highly cost-effective. Take advantage of discounted shipping rate options from strategic carriers to save money while keeping customers happy. If you regularly use a carrier, you might be able to subscribe to a rapid-delivery service.

You can also negotiate with your carriers. You’ll want to compare options with different providers and find the best offer for your needs to see if you can arrange for discounted rates. If one carrier isn’t providing the most cost-effective rates for you, you might have other choices available that you hadn’t considered.


Shipping Solutions with Osa

Osa provides 3PL software solutions, helping manage logistics for you and provide complete visibility across your locations. With our Unified Commerce Platform, you take control of your fulfillment processes. 

Build customer loyalty and satisfaction when you choose our innovative, flexible solution for your needs. We can help you get the best shipping rates and analytics to support cost-efficiency and optimized inventory management. To explore our offering, talk with us today.







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