Osa Commerce Partners with Techdinamics

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July 18, 2023

PRESS RELEASE - July 18, 2023

Osa Commerce Partners with Techdinamics to Support Logistics Providers and Retailer’s Digital Transformation

ATLANTA —   Osa Commerce , a leading supply chain technology provider for brands, retailers, and third and fourth-party logistics (3PLs and 4PLs) partners, has announced a strategic partnership with Techdinamics to empower brands, retailers, and 3PLs in executing their digital innovation strategies. 

According to the Retail Industry Leaders Association, two to three-day delivery is the baseline expectation for more than 90% of consumers, with 30% expecting same-day delivery. As businesses grapple with increased demands from consumers, so does the necessity of improved supply chain visibility.

This collaboration leverages Osa's Unified Commerce Collaborative Visibility Platform alongside innovative integration and fulfillment technology solutions for greater order visibility. Osa Commerce's ecosystem approach, combined with last mile delivery and shipment analytics, will drive operational optimization, cost savings and revenue growth through a collaborative ecosystem model, harnessing the collective potential of people, process, and platform.

"Our collaboration with Techdinamics marks an important step in solving yet another step in today’s complex product journey,” said Padhu Raman, co-founder and CPO at Osa Commerce. “By combining Osa's cutting-edge technology with Techdinamics’ extensive solutions network, we will empower brands, retailers and logistics providers to make informed decisions, optimize their global supply chains and drive business growth."

"We are excited to partner with Osa Commerce in supporting the digital transformation efforts of logistics providers, retailers, and brands,” said Reg Adams, President of Techdinamics. “Our combined expertise and resources will provide industry-leading solutions that help businesses thrive in the ever-changing landscape of supply chain management."

With Osa Commerce's advanced technology, retail, 3PL, 4PL, and carrier customers gain access to real-time data and powerful decision-making capabilities, enabling them to make informed global supply chain decisions.

To learn more, visit OsaCommerce.com and Techdinamics.com.

About Osa Commerce:

Osa Commerce is an innovative technology company dedicated to simplifying supply chain operations by addressing data chaos. Our AI-powered Collaborative Visibility Platform connects, unifies, and automates commerce operations for retailers, logistics providers, and their customers. With our intelligent decision-making capabilities, we empower supply chains to sell anywhere, enabling scalable growth and staying one step ahead. To learn more about Osa Commerce, please visit Osacommerce.com.

About Techdinamics:

Techdinamics is a global technology team with deep roots in the fulfillment industry. Embedded in our DNA, we provide leading-edge technology for smarter fulfillment. Techdinamics is a system integrations company that helps 3PL’s, distribution centers, and retailers automate their fulfillment services and final-mile shipping. Our clients view us as an extension of their IT team, enabling them to take on new customer business and process orders with advanced automation.

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