New Automated Processes to Implement in Your Supply Chain

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January 27, 2023

When you're managing day-to-day operations, optimizing your efficiency is a critical concern. One way to support your overall productivity is to follow the growing trend of supply chain solutions. With integrated automation capabilities, you can keep your workflow running smoothly while reducing time, labor, and operating costs.

To help you identify some valuable automation options to fit your needs, you need to understand what's available and how it can work for you. Learn more about the top automation processes available in your industry.

Inventory Automation

With inventory automation, you can manage a range of repetitive tasks with minimal human effort. This solution helps to track and process stock for you, saving time and operating costs while freeing up your human workforce to address other priorities.

Some of the tasks inventory automation can handle include:

  • Reordering: This solution can monitor and report reordering requirements, helping your business stay ahead of demand. 
  • Stock transfer tracking records: With inventory automation, you can get up-to-date records on stock transfers.
  • Store orders processing: When a customer inputs an order, this system can process it automatically, saving you time while speeding the process. 
  • Multiple locations reporting: Get insight into inventory data with optimized, automated reporting capabilities from numerous sites.
  • Goods dispatch notifications: When items are dispatched, this automation solution can provide real-time updates to support management.


Robots are becoming a critical part of the supply chain as a growing technological solution for a range of companies. Implementing robots to handle select tasks on-site can free human workers from more repetitive tasks.

Robots can provide numerous capabilities, such as:

  • Optimizing picking, storing, and sorting times: Robots can handle various picking and sorting requirements, increasing efficiency.
  • Reducing error rates: The automation solution can reduce error rates when you implement robots for specific repetitive tasks at your site.
  • Decreasing long-term costs: Saving human employees from time-consuming processes and reducing errors means you'll pay less long-term.
  • Reducing inventory checking frequencies: You can cut down on checking frequency requirements with optimized inventory processing.
  • Increasing worker productivity: When workers have fewer repetitive or time-intensive tasks, they can accomplish more on the job.

Transportation Automation  

Another critical development in automation is transportation automation. Automation solutions are becoming increasingly essential because road transportation is a leading logistics medium. Many companies are experimenting with self-driving truck systems that can deliver shipments to their destinations. Offering cost-effective and fuel-efficient transportation, this solution can give your business a competitive edge in the field.

Back Office Automation

Handling back office jobs is much more convenient with options for automation. This technology can handle a range of needs that can be time-consuming when human employees perform them. Instead, automation allows for fast and easy documentation processes while saving the team time and energy.

Leveraging AI, this solution can almost fully automate end-to-end documentation requirements. Its capabilities include data capture and processing the meaning of the information. While reducing time-consuming manual work, it also reduces human error and helps ensure efficient, accurate documentation across the supply chain.


Automate Your Supply Chain with Osa

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