Supply Chain Technology Transformation

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January 27, 2023

Today, businesses have endless options for supply chain management technology. How can 3PL operations find a solution that meets all their inventory management, fulfillment, and logistics needs, while also being functional and highly integrated? This comprehensive guide to supply chain technology assesses some of the leading challenges businesses experience when using supply chain technology. We describe how some of the competing brands solve these problems, compared to Osa supply chain solutions. Discover how Osa positions ourselves as supply chain experts and learn ways technology can enhance your supply chain.

Supply Chain Technology Problems

For as long as supply chains have been around, they’ve always experienced unique problems, typically relating to materials shortages, resource costs, and global events. However, as supply chains increasingly adopt more tech to modernize their supply chain operations, a new batch of problems are being introduced. 

In addition to the classic supply chain issues, managers must also learn to navigate a host of new challenges.

  • Connector problems: Any given supplier can manage dozens of different supply chain software programs. The sheer volume of work creates clunky operations, resulting in missed revenue opportunities, lost orders, and a lack of transparency in inventory levels. Without modern API and EDI integrations connecting the various programs into one streamlined overview, managers find it tough to keep on top of every software account.
  • Data problems: Data-related problems typically either involve having so much data that managers don’t know how to make sense of it, or not having enough clear and helpful insight into operations. Poor-quality data leads to uninformed decision-making and lost opportunities, particularly when users are increasingly demanding better traceability. Having a robust data collection system accompanied by an intelligent data deciphering practice is critical. 
  • Functionality problems: Modern warehouses that rely on manual picking processes will experience inaccurate order and inventory counts. By not investing in automation, warehouses will see stagnating productivity levels, as workers continue to use outdated and time-consuming processes. It also prevents multi-warehouse operations from communicating and connecting through automated systems.
  • Fulfillment problems: Your operation is only one link in the supply chain, so without technological connectivity, it can be challenging for all suppliers to get on the same page. Without a cohesive supply chain solution that leverages cutting-edge technology, suppliers can inadvertently disappoint customers who expect fast and consistent delivery with frequent communication.
  • 3PL problems: 3PLs are increasingly burdened with their numerous fulfillment responsibilities, finding it tricky to streamline transportation quotes, inventory tracking, and customer management. Without the right supply chain software, 3PLs may make costly errors and lose partnerships, all due to a lack of integrated software.

Typical Solutions for Supply Chain Technology Problems

Supply chain software tools can help solve the top technology problems facing companies today. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of some of the leading software providers offering solutions in each category below.

Connector Solutions

When creating solutions to overcome the problem of insufficient software integration, it’s critical to find a supply chain software technology provider offering robust connection capabilities that meet your requirements. From small to medium-sized businesses to full-enterprise providers, supply chain companies need highly capable software that solves more problems than it creates.

Dell Boomi is a leading B2B software provider specializing in connecting B2B enterprise-level companies. Known as an integration platform service, Boomi provides high-level API management, master data management, and data preparation services. As a data integration platform, Boomi can help businesses in the supply chain connect any application and data to solve your hybridized IT setup.

Despite Boomi’s deep enterprise connection capabilities, it’s not a niche platform. Boomi has geared its prebuilt system strictly to general enterprise-level businesses, not necessarily supply chain companies. 


Data Solutions

Whether they are in the supply chain or not, all businesses must get into the mindset of treating data like gold. In other words, you need to know where to look for it, how to mine it, and appreciate what it’s worth once you’ve got it. In supply chain management, leveraging software that helps you collect and extract valuable datasets is crucial in not only maintaining your operations, but also optimizing them for greater profitability.

SAS Strategy Management is a leading data analytics platform providing end-to-end data preparation and augmented data preparation. Helping businesses make sense of their data, SAS Strategy Management has gained a reputation for its ability to convert data into a visual representation, augmenting the user experience. 

Though SAS provides a reliable product, it carries a hefty price tag. Users also report that the support and sales staff tend to be inflexible and rigid in their negotiations with potential customers. 


Functionality Solutions

As modern-day warehouses struggle with inventory and order management, they demand solutions that help reduce manual effort and maximize efficiencies. Warehouse management — from inventory counting to order picking to shipping and receiving — requires a comprehensive database system that keeps track of inventory locations and order statuses while providing insights to optimize workflows. 

3PL Central provides a cloud-based warehouse management system informed by 3PLs and supply chain logistics provider best practices. With capabilities ranging from inventory management to task automation to customer and order management, 3PL Central software is well-positioned to help low-tier 3PL customers. However, as a stand-alone warehouse management solution, 3PL Central has a limited scope and may not provide all the functionality a supply chain operation would need in one place.

Fulfillment Solutions

Fast and accurate supply chain fulfillment is critical. Finding the right fulfillment network technology can help businesses connect with the rest of their supply chain partners, increasing communication and transparency. Fulfillment technology helps businesses better manage customer expectations, provide updates, and stay in contact with their stakeholders.

Stord is an end-to-end logistics services and supply chain software provider. Offering a single, integrated platform, Stord is an all-in-one cloud-based solution that caters to various businesses, including non-asset-based 3PLs. With the ability to provide a scalable virtual fulfillment network, Stord can help companies streamline operations across the supply chain. 

Since it’s tailored toward non-asset-based 3PLs, Stord’s disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide the technology and experience in execution for asset-based 3PLs. Overall, this results in limited compatibility with some 3PLs.

3PL Solutions

Traditionally, 3PLs can approach supply chain management from two different strategies. The first involves establishing technological networks designed and developed to encourage high throughput on specific product categories, structured to manage a particular type of SKU. The advantage of this 3PL supply chain solution is that it’s a highly efficient. However, users may also experience delayed onboarding, with no immediate support available for high-throughput multi-seller and multi-product operations.

The second strategy is to implement a best-of-breed solution, which provides the advantage of robust data integration and order management and fulfillment capabilities. The disadvantage is that these setups usually come with a high cost, requiring excessive external resources to manage and the need for highly attentive support capabilities.


How Osa Solves Supply Chain Technology Problems

Supply chain technologies should help businesses optimize their operations, from order fulfillment to warehouse management to data integration and more. Having access to the perfect technology for supply chains can revolutionize how you do business now and in the future.

By partnering with Osa, you’ll have access to an all-in-one Unified Commerce Platform designed for and tailored to the unique needs of supply chain operations. Experience the difference streamlined supply chain and logistics management software can make in your daily life. Under the Unified Commerce Platform, Osa provides a Warehouse Management System Hub, a Data Order Management Hub, an Integration Manager Hub, and a Fulfillment Hub.

Discover how Osa has strategically positioned our company to solve the leading supply chain technology problems by reading more below.

Connector Problems

At Osa, we pride ourselves on being a direct solution to the common problem of poor software integration among supply chain vendors. When your operation is struggling with connecting disparate parts of the supply chain, including connections between multiple warehouses, retail locations, and ERPs, rely on Osa to solve this problem for you. 

One of our platform’s most significant assets is its ability to relieve this sense of disconnection for our customers. In mere minutes, you can securely integrate your brand’s entire supply chain under our innovative Unified Commerce Platform. Think about how a single platform would change your day-to-day operations. An all-in-one system would allow your business and supply chain partners to integrate all third-party marketplaces, vendors, and 3PL partners, streamlining asset management, change requests, and more.

The Osa Solution — Unified Commerce Platform

Introducing the Unified Commerce Platform — a central hub of communication between supply chain partners that improves asset management and streamlines the supply chain integration process.

Some of the top benefits of the Unified Commerce Platform for improved connection include:

  • Maintain a bird’s-eye view of all orders in one place, integrating the entire sales channel
  • Manage retail stock effectively by giving retailers full control and insight into their inventory levels
  • Adapt quickly to industry demands with real-time insight that monitors sales cycles
  • Rely less on outsourced IT by having a single platform to unify warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics activities
  • Use software designed specifically for the e-commerce supply chain


Data Problems

To compete in the supply chain, businesses need to leverage the power of data collection and analysis. From forecasting to inventory planning to managing strategic growth, data means everything. Without solid data analysis capabilities, retailers can miss out on sales opportunities because of stockouts or overproduction. 

With OSA, retailers can take proactive steps to boost sales, helping them to capitalize on the e-commerce market’s explosive growth. Intelligently manage operational mechanisms and measure and respond to demand signals. Gain more confidence in your decision-making processes with valuable insight obtained from data analysis features.

The Osa Solution — One Platform for All Your Data Needs

If you’re not harnessing the potential of data collection and analysis in the supply chain, your business could be losing out on significant opportunities. OSA provides a direct solution to the lack of transparency and visibility businesses experience with supply chain operations and data analytics.

With the Data Order Management Hub, you’ll gain comprehensive insight into the crucial data that can help you plan strategically. This supply chain management software offers the following data solutions benefits:

  • Find the top-selling and under-selling products with in-depth records powered by AI
  • Prepare for peak sales seasons with intelligent forecasting tools
  • Manage, set, and integrate processes across multiple channels, resulting in seamless invoicing and reporting
  • Become known as a reliable 3PL for logistics and supply chain management that’s ahead of the curve
  • Protect and secure your data and privacy with cloud-based supply chain management software, built on blockchain, that enables decentralized sharing across multiple enterprises


Functionality Problems

Supply chain management software must be simultaneously effective and functional. Much of the new technology in supply chain management lacks the functionality businesses desire to simplify warehousing and inventory management, plus logistics. In many competing solutions, customers rarely get the communication they need across various tools, causing data inaccessibility issues. A lack of real-time and on-demand communication causes friction throughout the entire supply chain. 

Solve all your supply chain management software functionality problems with Osa. Designed with the user in mind, unified commerce technology prioritizes communications, while offering an extended network of fulfillment assets. Don’t compromise on supply chain and operations management solutions.

The Osa Solution — Functional Tools

Find the functional tools you need to improve your supply chain planning process. The Warehouse Management System Hub allows businesses to manage and distribute products across sales channels, inventory sources, and transportation providers. 

With this supply chai solution you’ll experience functionality benefits such as:

  • Improve transportation with full visibility from shipping to final delivery, thanks to a Where Is My Order tracker
  • Streamline data extraction with seamless integrations that allow for better communication and operations, including optimized first article inspection
  • Achieve greater supply chain optimization with cross-functionality that allows for tracking turnover ratio and managing order routing across channels
  • Automated orders for improved accuracy, reducing warehousing operational costs 
  • Real-time order management with a picking efficiency tool that allows you to view multiple types of transport
  • Cloud-based storage for fast, up-to-date, and transparent communication between applications

 Fulfillment Problems

Fast, accurate, and efficient fulfillment is the lifeblood of the supply chain and operations management industry. When fulfillment problems occur, it can cause significant barriers to success. The inability to move inventory and communicate across multiple partners can be detrimental to order management. Order fulfillment becomes disparate and fragmented without supply chain management software that emphasizes seamless integration.

By relying on Osa 3PL warehouse management software, businesses can solve fulfillment challenges more quickly. Our technology platform directly addresses the typical fulfillment obstacles businesses face, helping ensure happy consumers and 3PL partners.

Osa Solution — Partners Instead of Competition

Find the fulfillment solutions you need with the Fulfillment Hub. Maintain robust partnerships by unifying supply chain needs across multiple channels. 

Osa technology and strategic partner locations enable daily high-volume order processing and 2-day shipping

  • Multichannel fulfillment includes an expanding distribution network of partner warehouses, offering 2-day shipping to 95% of the US.
  • Any warehouse can be connected
  • Retailers can scale with the Osa fulfillment network or connect their own 3PL partner to the platform


3PL Problems

3PL services’ explosive growth has also ushered in a host of new obstacles that businesses are striving to overcome. In an increasingly globalized marketplace, 3PLs must not only address local challenges, but also plan for global fluctuations. This environment puts tremendous pressure on 3PLs to provide collaborative and well-connected supply chain management services.

At Osa, we have designed our technology platform to solve 3PL problems, giving businesses a significant competitive advantage. From advanced supply chain integration capability to detailed reporting functionality to in-depth inventory, warehouse, and logistics management capabilities, OSA is the all-in-one solution for the 3PL supply chain. We give your 3PL supply chain the critical infrastructure it needs to succeed.

Osa Solution — Your One-Stop Shop for Supply Chain Needs

Get all your supply chain needs in a one-stop shop. Build lasting 3PL partnerships with effective software that unites various companies and integrates the entire supply chain in one digital location.

Compared to other supply chain technology vendors, Osa offers the following benefits for solving 3PL problems.

  • Improve supply chain efficiency with better management tools that allow anyone in the 3PL partnership to use seamlessly
  • Scale business growth by providing faster, more accurate, and more unified supply chain delivery
  • Adapt to continued global supply chain challenges, including increased demand and higher consumer expectations 

Discover the Benefits of the Osa WMS Solutions for 3PLs

Find better ways to compete in an increasingly globalized, fast-paced e-commerce marketplace. With Osa, you’ll be working with one of the top supply chain technology companies specializing in e-commerce simplification. We have designed our technology to help businesses overcome common supply chain technology challenges, including connector, data, and functionality problems that affect 3PLs and their ability to achieve high throughput and fast and accurate fulfillment.

The Osa supply chain management software solution is designed to streamline processes by offering extensive integration capabilities specializing in e-commerce distribution. Compared to competing solutions, Osa provides the connectivity, data analytics, functionality, and fulfillment capabilities that 3PLs need to thrive in the e-commerce industry. 

Compare supply chain management pricing by reaching out to our team today. Speak with supply chain specialists by contacting us online.












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